In our school kids are already welcome at the age of six.

Thereby the following aspects are very important:

TRAINING COURSES: In our training sessions and courses to prevent violence the thoughts of self-defence aren't in the first place, but the kids learn the right and regardful intercourse with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

DEVELOPMENT: The development of the kids continues through different phases and is combined with our WTAS-KIDS training programs. Kids are supported here in their individual development and supervised well. Increased ability and concentration in school can also be some of the side-effects. With our training programs the kids are also introduced several situations in everyday life and presented individual and nonviolent solutions for them !

SUPERVISION: Through the individual supervision and the well-structured and specifically for children developed WTAS-KIDS training programs already the little ones learn to integrate themselves in a group and how to be considerate to others at the same time. Exercises with partners, dexterity games, balance exercises and training of the forms consequently improves the condition, coordination and concentration of the kids in a playful way. Also the balance exercises and the form training serve for the purpose of loosening the whole locomotor system and prevent postural deformities.

PREVENTION: The educational structure of our courses enables the kids to handle aggressions and stressful situations much better and lets them recognize that the use of force towards other humans is no good option! On the other side they have the ability to defend themselves effective in a situation of self-defence.

COOPERATION: We always strive to arrange a trustful intercourse with the parents to build a basis of information exchange and are looking forward to your cooperation !

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